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Revelation #FridayFictioneers

It’s Friday Fictioneers time!  I rally my mathematics-saturated brain for an exercise of a different sort-writing a 100 word flash fiction story based on a photo Madison Woods posted on her blog this Wednesday.  She does this every week, and … Continue reading


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The Reach #Friday Fictioneers

Another week rolls by, and I abruptly make the transition from calculus to Friday Fictioneers.  Yes, I am a student again, with homework.  Alas!  If it didn’t pertain to volcanoes, I would be wondering what I’m doing in graduate school.  … Continue reading

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How to Make Hard Cider the Easy Way

It’s not yet apple season here in North Carolina but it’s coming fast and I’m already excited.  That’s because it’s nearly time to put down my yearly batch of hard cider. The great thing about making hard cider is that … Continue reading

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The Towers #Friday Fictioneers

Zounds!  Thursday’s arrival brings the usual subconscious mucking about for a 100 word story based on the photo Madison Woods provides every week on her blog.   I welcome constructive criticism so let me know what you think! Story is below … Continue reading

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On the Creation of Language

I was inventing words when I was hardly old enough to know English.  The evidence is right there in my 2nd grade class journal:  “Sundlesey which in dannys langwidj means big rok mountan.”  I kept on at it, starting on … Continue reading

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That this Ocean may Rise #FridayFictioneers

Yes!  It’s Friday Fictioneers again and time for something a little different than my fare for the last couple of months. For those who are as yet searching for the perfect flash fiction exercise, let me explain what Friday Fictioneers … Continue reading

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Eternity: An Angosian Poem

Many years ago I created a language called Angosey.  I still use Angosey in my diary, and occasionally I am moved to revisit some old texts of mine, to give them a new spin or just brush off the rust. … Continue reading

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Not Gonna Move #Friday Fictioneers

Yes!  The weeks roll on and I get older but less wise.  And it is that time again-time for Friday Fictioneers.  Every Wednesday Madison Woods posts a picture on her blog.  Every Friday, writers from around the globe post a … Continue reading

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