That this Ocean may Rise #FridayFictioneers

Yes!  It’s Friday Fictioneers again and time for something a little different than my fare for the last couple of months.

For those who are as yet searching for the perfect flash fiction exercise, let me explain what Friday Fictioneers is.  Every Wednesday, Madison Woods posts a picture on her blog.  Every Friday, legions of Fictioneers post 100 word (or thereabouts) flash fiction inspired by the picture.  We all read and comment on each other’s work.  It’s a great way to read good stories and get feedback.
I always welcome criticism; without it I can’t improve my writing.  Photo is below, story follows.

That this Ocean may Rise

The surf booms against an alien shore where storm clouds are lingering; for a moment breaking against the deep emerald sky.  But then the wind gusts, gathers, builds; pregnant with rain, it seals them shut again.
Yet someday this ocean may rise, wave upon wave until it spills across the rain dimpled dunes and all is ripples and shimmers and light.  Then the water will follow me to the tall black hill and this time I will not run; I will stand on the highest stone until a wave closes over me, soft and warm as blood.

About glossarch

The word "glossarch" doesn't exist. At least, not yet. But let's pretend it does for a second. The first part is "gloss," a word that comes to us from Ancient Greek via Latin and English. It means "language." The second part also comes from Ancient Greek and can mean "having power over." So "glossarch" means simply "language controller." So what am I doing making up words? Well, I made up an entire language once. It's called Angosey. So I'm the Glossarch of Angosey. I'm currently a doctorate student in volcano seismology (a branch of geophysics). I enjoy writing fiction and poetry, launching balloons, programming, and hanging out with my lovely wife! Follow me on Twitter! Writing and language creation: @glossarch Balloons and science: @bovineaerospace
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15 Responses to That this Ocean may Rise #FridayFictioneers

  1. conhippy says:

    Awesome. Is the title alternately capitalized on purpose. I see a wave.

  2. Brian Benoit says:

    You gave your story an epic feel, and that last sentence, like a pledge, with the description “soft and warm as blood” was amazing. My one critique might be that I got a bit lost in the first couple sentences (because of the “they”s I suppose, tracking what they referred to), but this really comes together nicely at the end. Well done!

  3. enjoyed this so much 🙂

  4. Beautiful, poetic description. With a tranquil attitude toward death. Almost metaphorical in the idea of it washing over the narrator, taking him/her, without fear or struggle. Very deep.

    • Thank you for the kind words. It is interesting that you saw this as a meditation on death. I was not thinking about it that way when I wrote it, but after rereading it with your comments in mind I do agree with you.

  5. rgayer55 says:

    Nice flow to this piece. I really like the last line.

  6. rochellewisoff says:

    I enjoyed the peaceful feeling of this piece.

  7. EmmaMc says:

    This is indeed very poetic in the way you have formed pace and rhythm throughout the story. It flows beautifully and the calm welcoming of fate is conveyed perfectly. Well done.

  8. It’s a story of doom and death, but he is ready to receive it..

  9. Linda says:

    What a beautiful description of a world ending, even it if it just one life’s worth 🙂

  10. glossarch says:

    I’m still surprised that people read this as a meditation on dying! I guess it proves the quote “inscription precedes meaning!”

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