How to fix a HP Pavilion laptop with blinking lights and a dark screen

I just dodged a major bullet, and I thought I’d share what just happened and how to fix it.

About an hour ago, I tried turning on my HP Pavilion Laptop.  The computer appeared to turn on, but the screen was dark and a little light above the scroll button and another little light left of the Caps Lock button flashed on and off repeatedly.  I waited for a bit but nothing seemed to happen.

Usually, turning the computer off and on again fixes these sorts of problems.  I tried it three times, still no luck.

I went on my wife’s computer and with a little googling found the solution, and it worked-I’m typing this post on my resurrected laptop.  Here’s what to do.

1.  Turn the computer off.

2.  Unplug the power cord.

3.  Remove the battery (on my laptop, a long thin panel with a latch next to it, slide the latch over and the battery pops right out).

4. Wait several minutes.

5.   Plug the power cord back in, and turn on the computer.  The computer should load normally.

6.  Put the battery back whenever is convenient.

I’m not sure if this will fix the problem every time, but I’m just happy it worked for me.  The kicker is that I’d almost backed up my computer earlier today, then decided not to.  If my computer really had broken, I would have lost months of work.

Moral of the story:  back up often!


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One Response to How to fix a HP Pavilion laptop with blinking lights and a dark screen

  1. aj says:

    whoever u may be. ur the best. for few days i was getting sad cause my laptop was doing this til i encountered ur post. i tried and it solved my problem. thank u

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