A King of Infinite Space #Friday Fictioneers

The semester is officially over, and I am released from the tedium of classes to unleash my full attention on Science.  Well, not completely…there’s always Friday Fictioneers!   Every Friday, writers from all around the world write 100 word (or thereabouts) flash fiction based on a photo posted that Wednesday on Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ blog.

Here’s my story this week.  I welcome constructive criticism; without it I cannot grow as a writer.

A King of Infinite Space

I hear them the ossified thoughts packed side by side whispering intimations of immortality to the mystics the bored and the lost.  And I who am sometimes all three scrawl in secret beneath the covers these flashlit pages that I will slip between two tomes to rest and whisper to you if you still have ears to hear.  So brush off the dust and let me tell you my story locked in time but living in memory this simple soul swimming in the umbra of the real thrown from darkness to darkness as in a mirror, darkly.


About glossarch

The word "glossarch" doesn't exist. At least, not yet. But let's pretend it does for a second. The first part is "gloss," a word that comes to us from Ancient Greek via Latin and English. It means "language." The second part also comes from Ancient Greek and can mean "having power over." So "glossarch" means simply "language controller." So what am I doing making up words? Well, I made up an entire language once. It's called Angosey. So I'm the Glossarch of Angosey. I'm currently a doctorate student in volcano seismology (a branch of geophysics). I enjoy writing fiction and poetry, launching balloons, programming, and hanging out with my lovely wife! Follow me on Twitter! Writing and language creation: @glossarch Balloons and science: @bovineaerospace
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15 Responses to A King of Infinite Space #Friday Fictioneers

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  2. Dear Danny,
    I’m wondering what your narrator will tell me. I like the visual of him writing by flashlight. Who is he hiding from?
    As a child, I used to read in bed, under the covers with a flashlight so my parents wouldn’t know I was still awake.

  3. pviljoen says:

    Enjoyed this. A stream of consciousness.

  4. rheath40 says:

    I felt every word. How it reminded me of when I was young, hiding under blankets and reading. Sometimes it was the only way to stave off loneliness or sadness. Beautifully written.

  5. elappleby says:

    I loved this. I was aware of the lack of commas, but somehow it didn’t need them. How did you do that?

  6. Very nice, Danny.


  7. billgncs says:

    Hi Danny – I thought this one drifted and was a little passive. Things you’ve done before seemed tighter. I liked the mood it set though.

    • glossarch says:

      Thanks for the analysis. Was it the word choice or the structure? This stream-of-consciousness writing was an experiment, and I’d like to know how to improve it. Or maybe it’s just not my thing 🙂

  8. A very nice poetic flow in your words. Still a lot of mystic in it. I can feel the books are telling me something I’m eager but still unwilling to hear.

  9. kdillmanjones says:

    Such an interesting and engaging writing style! I felt challenged and awakened.

  10. This has sort of a creepy style to it. It reminds me a bit of Poe or Lovecraft.

  11. nightlake says:

    This was good. Cheers!

  12. I see this as the writer drawing inspiration from the dusty tomes and seeking through his art to communicate with the great minds that wrote them. That’s what I see, although it may just be some guy boning up on the classics to impress chicks. Not sure.

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