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Never Grow Up #Friday Fictioneers (Genre: Literary Fiction)

The DJ leaned against the wall and lit a cigarette.  He didn’t even have to put together a track list anymore.  Just grab a few Bruno Mars songs to get things going, throw in some Rihanna to stir up the … Continue reading

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Entanglement #Friday Fictioneers (Genre Sci Fi)

The pay phone rang.  He jumped. “Uh, hello?” “Dude,” said the voice on the other end. “Listen, there’s no time.  You got to come to this phone and dial the number by the handset in exactly twenty years.  Got it?” … Continue reading


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Postscript #Friday Fictioneers

I light an American Spirit and lean on the fence, tapping the first ash into the weeds.  My sun-browned arm, dust mixed with water set in motion for the allotted time, brings the cigarette back to my lips. The house … Continue reading

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The Key to the Past #Friday Fictioneers – Genre Sci Fi

“Science fiction writers once envisioned vast, self sufficient colonies drifting in the void of space.” He took a deep breath, and looked out past the incongruous sycamore to the vast horsetail forests beyond. “But we did something that none of … Continue reading

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