Ashfall #Friday Fictioneers

The sky went dark all at once, as if someone had thrown a blanket over the sun.  That’s what it was like.
The mountain was gone – a burning cloud stitched with lightning had replaced it.
I remember the sliding door slamming shut behind us as my boots hit the dirt.
We stayed first world for a while.
But soon, we were just another clot of coughing grey ghosts, slurping muddy water from half empty nalgenes, staring ahead through dust rimmed eyes at rows of abandoned vehicles veiled behind curtains of trickling sand.  That’s what it was like.


Something about staring at slow motion videos of simulated volcanic explosions all day must have influenced my Friday Fictioneers story this week!  Anyway…Every Friday, writers from all around the world write 100 word (or thereabouts) flash fiction based on a photo posted that Wednesday on Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ blog.

I welcome constructive criticism; without it I cannot grow as a writer.  The weekly photo that inspired this story is below:


About glossarch

The word "glossarch" doesn't exist. At least, not yet. But let's pretend it does for a second. The first part is "gloss," a word that comes to us from Ancient Greek via Latin and English. It means "language." The second part also comes from Ancient Greek and can mean "having power over." So "glossarch" means simply "language controller." So what am I doing making up words? Well, I made up an entire language once. It's called Angosey. So I'm the Glossarch of Angosey. I'm currently a doctorate student in volcano seismology (a branch of geophysics). I enjoy writing fiction and poetry, launching balloons, programming, and hanging out with my lovely wife! Follow me on Twitter! Writing and language creation: @glossarch Balloons and science: @bovineaerospace
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15 Responses to Ashfall #Friday Fictioneers

  1. Kwadwo says:

    They didn’t make it. That’s what it was like. lol 🙂

  2. Some serious Sci fi here. Delighted that the grey ghosts still had the ability to write about it.
    Had to look up nalgene! Thought it was one of yours.

  3. troy P. says:

    I could literally feel the dust in my eyes. Nicely done!

  4. Really good, Danny.


  5. Good one! I especially liked “as if someone had thrown a blanket over the sun”. Reading this made my throat dry and my eyes water. So you spend your days looking at volcanic eruptions in slow motion? Well, I guess someone’s got to do it … 🙂

  6. Sarah Ann says:

    This is really poignant, full of rich description esp. liked ‘…a burning cloud stitched with lightning.’ Great writing.

  7. Dear Danny,

    You had me looking up “nalgene”. So I happily broadened a corner of my narrow horizon. Thank you. Very well written. You created the atmosphere with style.



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