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Strategies and Example Essays for the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

When I applied for the NSF-GRFP, I found it very helpful to read over past successful applicants’ experiences and have a look at their essays.  I told myself that if I received the fellowship, I would do the same for … Continue reading

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Beyond the Veil #Friday Fictioneers

This is how it’s done: you tear the veil from the pointless rituals holding you back like crumbling concrete before the flood.  You rise up and shake off the water – listening as the world rushes in like the sound … Continue reading

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Where He Called Home #Friday Fictioneers

“Isn’t that Stu’s bike over there?” The bartender wiped the last pint glass clean, set it down, and glanced outside at the sycamore tree. “Yeah, that’s his all right.” “Someone buy it or something?” “Nope.  Been there ever since he … Continue reading


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Bombs, Bursting in Air #Friday Fictioneers

He depressed the blinds with his finger when the firecrackers started, watched a couple of lanky teenage boys jump through the clouds of smoke. Then they climbed up to the rooftops and hooked their legs around the steel skeletons of … Continue reading

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