Forcing Ubuntu to read a cd

The following method worked when both Windows and Macintosh failed to read a certain CD.
I switched to Ubuntu, but I still could not read the CD (even though I could read other CDs and also a blank CD).
So I did some Googling and found out how to do it via the command line.

So here’s how to read a CD in Ubuntu when it won’t mount automatically:

1.  Open a terminal and log in as root (you could do it as sudo, but I use root).

2.  Type the following:

mkdir /media/cdrom0
mount /media/cdrom0/
cd /media/cdrom0
#Now you can copy stuff off the CD using the command line

The backstory:
A few months ago, my wife burned a bunch of stuff from work onto a CD.

She then turned in her work laptop, and the hard drive was subsequently wiped.

Unfortunately for her, she discovered she could not read the CD – losing hours of work if the data couldn’t be retrieved.

After some sleuthing, I determined that there was something on the CD, but no operating system (Windows, Mac, or Ubuntu) would mount it automatically.

So I looked up how to do it by hand.  It worked – and she got all her data back!


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