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How to Determine the Coefficients of a Gaussian Function from Two Known Points

I recently came across a problem in my research where I needed to calculate the form of a Gaussian function from two points that represent known solutions.  I wrote up my solution in the hopes that it will save other … Continue reading

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Atheism: The road from God

This is the first of three posts that will explore how I came to be an atheist, what the moral and ethical ramifications are, and what it means to live in a world without God. This post, titled “The Road … Continue reading

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Dr. Schrodinger’s Doors #Friday Fictioneers

I glared at the three doors standing at attention on my front lawn. “You mean they can’t be moved?” “Yep.  Can’t even be scratched.  They’ll disappear in a day or two, anyhow” my neighbor said. “What? What the hell are … Continue reading


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Another Time Round #Friday Fictioneers

My hands shook as I set the cane in front of me and stepped inside the thrift store. I glanced at the book section as I headed deeper into the shop.  Every title was in perfect condition. Nearby, I saw … Continue reading

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The Web #Friday Fictioneers

I used to have this dream about that one vacation in New York, the time we saw the Statue of Liberty.  In my dream her torch is still gold but the arm holding it is silver, you know? Chest and … Continue reading

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Starships #Friday Fictioneers Genre Sci Fi

If you put a decimal point and string an infinity of nines behind it you’ll end up with one. But can you ever cross? “Computer.” “Yes, Captain?” “Velocity.” “Zero point nine nine nine of the speed of light.” “Computer.” “Yes, … Continue reading

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