Day and Night

I woke up suddenly – she was standing right next to me.
“What time is it?” I asked, yawning.
“Quarter to four,” she replied.
“You have a good night?”
“Yeah, got what I needed.  But hey, I was wondering – are you still okay with us?”
I shrugged.  “I mean, it’s a little weird with you up all night and me up all day, and then there’s your drinking problem.  But it’s not like you can help it.”  I gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.  “Plus, I love it when you mock Stephanie Meyer with such…authority!”


Well, this one turned out quite a bit less dark than I thought it would.  Nothing like Forgive Me If I Sleep, a novel that my coauthor and I are in the final stages of polishing!  If you like dark, then you’ll like FMIIS.  Anyway…Every Friday, writers from all around the world write 100 word (or thereabouts) flash fiction based on a photo posted that Wednesday on Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ blog.

I welcome constructive criticism; without it I cannot grow as a writer.  The weekly photo that inspired this story is below:


About glossarch

The word "glossarch" doesn't exist. At least, not yet. But let's pretend it does for a second. The first part is "gloss," a word that comes to us from Ancient Greek via Latin and English. It means "language." The second part also comes from Ancient Greek and can mean "having power over." So "glossarch" means simply "language controller." So what am I doing making up words? Well, I made up an entire language once. It's called Angosey. So I'm the Glossarch of Angosey. I'm currently a doctorate student in volcano seismology (a branch of geophysics). I enjoy writing fiction and poetry, launching balloons, programming, and hanging out with my lovely wife! Follow me on Twitter! Writing and language creation: @glossarch Balloons and science: @bovineaerospace
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9 Responses to Day and Night

  1. Very well done! Nan 🙂

  2. elappleby says:

    Loved ‘your drinking problem’ – very funny stuff 🙂

  3. dmmacilroy says:

    Dear Danny,

    I have a drinking problem, too. I don’t drink enough, but when I do, I get a headache from stopping drinking.

    Third line doesn’t need a ‘she replied’ though if you chose to use it for rhythm or flow or both or not, it is, as a famous person once drawled to me, “…your choice, darlin’.”



  4. Dear Danny,

    I had to look up Stephanie Meyer. Hard to have a relationship when you never see each other for more than an hour a day.



  5. Yeah, I got what I needed. HA! this becomes so clear at the end. Well done.

  6. Subroto says:

    And if she can also mock those Twilight movies then that’s a keeper.

  7. Danny, Good story. I had to Google Stephanie Meyer as well. Well written. 🙂 —Susan

  8. I’d be worried about that drinking problem 😉

  9. elmowrites says:

    Nice twist at the end, and I like how you gave it to us subtly even when we got there.
    I think you could use a few more line breaks in that last paragraph, even his shrug is part of the dialogue.

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