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Hold the Forks

“This might not even work,” the student said. “You’re right, and it’ll be years till the serum’s approved for human trials,” the professor replied.  His hands rattled on the edge of his wheelchair.  “I don’t have that kind of time.” … Continue reading


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The Devil’s Details

I have the same argument with myself every time I move. “Throw the old thing away,” says a voice near my left shoulder. “Naw, keep it,” says the voice next to my other ear. Turns out the right side always … Continue reading

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Windows 8: what to do when your speakers work and your headphones don’t

When Windows 8 updated itself recently, for some reason it made the headphones stop working.  The speakers were fine – just the headphones were disabled.  It took me a while to fix the problem, and I thought I’d share the … Continue reading

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