A Different Season #FridayFictioneers

“Best to hide under the nose of the enemy, I suppose,” I said. “Must have passed ten department stores on my way here.”
She glanced up from her tea. “The doctors go where the sick people are”.
“So how’s the plan going, anyway? I’m still seeing lots of commercials blaring ‘buy stuff’ and nothing seems different.”
She held up a device. “As soon as I press this button, cell phones will go out for a hundred miles in every direction.”
“That works. I already took care of Amazon,” I said.
“Good. Let’s finish ruining Christmas.”


I held commercialism in contempt when I was younger; back when thinking like that was cool and I didn’t really know anything about the world anyway.  Now it’s even more oppressive.  It’s worked its way even into my own thoughts and desires.  The worst is to watch as my daughters look around themselves and absorb it without knowing any different.  Anyway…Every Friday, writers from all around the world write 100 word (or thereabouts) flash fiction based on a photo posted that Wednesday on Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ blog.

I welcome constructive criticism; without it I cannot grow as a writer.  The weekly photo that inspired this story is below (courtesy Marie Gail Stratford).



About glossarch

The word "glossarch" doesn't exist. At least, not yet. But let's pretend it does for a second. The first part is "gloss," a word that comes to us from Ancient Greek via Latin and English. It means "language." The second part also comes from Ancient Greek and can mean "having power over." So "glossarch" means simply "language controller." So what am I doing making up words? Well, I made up an entire language once. It's called Angosey. So I'm the Glossarch of Angosey. I'm currently a doctorate student in volcano seismology (a branch of geophysics). I enjoy writing fiction and poetry, launching balloons, programming, and hanging out with my lovely wife! Follow me on Twitter! Writing and language creation: @glossarch Balloons and science: @bovineaerospace
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7 Responses to A Different Season #FridayFictioneers

  1. Alice Audrey says:

    I’ll admit the Christmas decorations/trees that showed up in Lowes before Halloween put me off a bit. Otherwise I will sometimes go out of my way to see a Christmas show or listen to carols lest I miss the season completely.

  2. Dear Danny,

    I don’t know if anyone can actually ruin Christmas…I think that’s already happened. Good one.



  3. granonine says:

    Ho ho ho! It wouldn’t ruin Christmas for me–might help revive what Christmas is really all about 🙂

  4. Liz Young says:

    Christmas is what you make of it – some good, some not so good. Neat story, though. I am interested to read that you’re a volcanic buff – I did a lot of research in your field for my book – hope I got the essentials right.

  5. Dale says:

    Bah humbug!

  6. Mike says:

    Good old Scrooge. He is back !!

  7. Nan Falkner says:

    These creatures are bound and determined to ruin Christmas – even Scrooge would be impressed. Clever story!

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