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Hearing an image: living with a touch of synaesthesia

Certain images make sounds.  Not sounds that could be mistaken for “real” sounds – no, more like the hint of a sound.  That’s been my life for at least the last ten years.  Or maybe I’ve always been this way, … Continue reading

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Splitting the Soul: How Angosey Taught Me Philosophy

I developed my language, Angosey,  to express concepts that (I thought) English could not convey.  The act of scrapping all the world’s languages and coming up with my own included a few parts youthful hubris, a hefty dash of ignorance, … Continue reading

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Geologic Time: A Biblical Metaphor

The Earth is very old.  We all know that.  But the age of the Earth is hard to think about in human terms.  So let’s use a metaphor: the King James Bible.  Suppose the first letter of the first verse … Continue reading

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On Perfect Beauty

We often reflect on the nature of actions and emotions: whether such a ruling is just, or whether it is right to feel a certain way.  The generators of these motivations may spring from several different sources depending on whom … Continue reading

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