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The Sounds of Angosey

I recently uploaded a YouTube video demonstrating the sounds in my constructed language Angosey: I ended up basing the video off of the Angosey alphabet, which has 34 characters.  As anyone who’s ever tried to spell in English knows, a … Continue reading

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The Litany Against Fear translated into Angosey

This litany comes from Frank Herbert’s novel Dune – I find it very useful to meditate on when I’m facing hardship.  I’ve translated it into Angosey before – but I think I’ll take another crack at it and post it … Continue reading

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The Linguistic and Creative Evolution of Angosey

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to meet some fellow conlangers (language creators).  During the course of our talk, I mentioned that I had translated the same poem every few years to watch how my language evolved.   Since this piqued … Continue reading

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Angosey Creation Story

Here’s a story I wrote in Angosey, the language I began working on when I was twelve years old.  It is my longest pure Angosey composition to date.   My apologies for the sometimes choppy English text.  Angosey is quite different … Continue reading

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